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About the Bookworm

I'm a semi-introverted, blunt, and sarcastic guys' girl with geeky tendencies and a strange brand of optimism. I live a blissfully eclectic existence, and the really scary thing is, I was once a lot worse. Sure, I'm still a beatboxing, DS9-watching, frisbee-throwing knitter, and I'm still just as attached to my soldering iron as I am to my hair dryer, but hey, we've all got our quirks, right?

I graduated from UCSD in December 2004, earning a B.A. in both anthropological archaeology and visual arts/media. I'll be going for a master's degree in a few years, but not surprisingly, I burned out on school. So for now, I'm just trying out the whole "real world" thing; I work for an internet marketing company, where I sort of put my media major to use.

I learned how to read shortly before I turned three and have loved books ever since. Reading's my oldest hobby. Unless you count teasing younger siblings as a hobby, which case reading is the second oldest. :-P